In early 2016, Infinity Ward (IW) wanted to discuss working together on the designs for their latest Call of Duty project, Infinite Warfare. I instantly jumped on board and felt that I could greatly help with their interesting design needs and goals. There was a massive list of tasks, and we worked on everything from the startup screen to HUD + GUI design. Here is a glimpse of some of the work created for the project. Thank you to the entire team at Infinity Ward for inviting me onto their project, and congratulations on all the hard work achieved to bring this project to life.


Here are a few selected render passes of assets created for the Boot-up graphics; they were designed to further emerge the player’s connection into the Infinite Warfare world.


I knew I wanted to do something different and ahead of anything I’ve designed before, so I found this part of the project to be the most interesting task for me. Each design had to function the same yet differ in its own style and voice that was unique to the character or machine being played. Working closely with concept designer, Aaron Beck, we focused on finding the design and body lines of each of his characters to inspire the boot-up design and animation. After much collaboration and discussion with the IW team, shown below are some of the concepts and motion boards that emerged. It was really rewarding to see the final pieces come together in the actual game.


The HUD designs were created during the beginning assignments on Infinite Warfare. The IW team wanted to focus this task around something plausible and real, but also set in aesthetics of the near future. During the design process, I opted to streamline the designs as much as possible while still keeping it in the theme of a future sci-fi war project. Using a design grid, I created various assets and pieces that could be shared between different layouts. Many different concepts were created for the HUD, but here are a few that I particularly enjoyed creating.


The start-up screen tasks came along much later in the project. IW wanted this screen to open up in void space and have us fly through each logo as they would glitch apart. Since the boot-up designs from earlier worked so well, I felt it would be great to merge both worlds together. Animator, Alasdair Willson, did an excellent job bringing the assets to life and creating a great motion sequence.