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Dash Dash
Dash Dash
Dash Dash
Dash Dash


As always, I would like to take time to thank our incredible friends and family for all of their love and encouragement over the years. Personal projects at this size and scale are not done alone; they couldn’t be accomplished without their unwavering and continuous support.

A special thank you to my good friend and close collaborator, Anthony Scott Burns, for not only helping film Edifice, but for offering his astounding wisdom and guidance through the process. An additional big thank you to Christine Adams, for being such an incredible talent and collaborator on set. Furthermore, an astounding thank you to Ben Lukas Boysen, for making the music masterpiece that I heard in my dreams for this film .

Dash Dash


An ALT-C Production


Film by - Ash Thorp
Director of Photography - Anthony Scott Burns
Score by - Ben Lukas Boysen
Starring - Christine Adams
Producer - Monica Thorp
Houdini Artist -Serjan Burlak
Set Construction - Brett Harris
Additional Photography - The Joelsons

Additional Thanks to:
Christoffer Bjerre
Xiaolin Zeng
Cornelius Dammrich
Stacy Burns
Raoul Marks
Rohan Dalvi
David Vardanyan
Tim Tadder
Shawn McKinney
Dahlia Weidmann
Jason Encabo
Filipe Carvalho

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