Dash Dash

NEUROMANCER - is a concept sequence that I created under the guidance of Learn Squared instructor, Michael Rigley. The frames evolve around William Gibson's cult novel, Neuromancer.

Michael's class, Design for Production, assigns a variety of fundamental categories upon which to base your project. In my particular case, I utilized the concept of density, which relates to the degree of compactness of a substance.

In regards to the Neuromancer narrative, I focused my time and energy on conceiving the visual expansion between Wintermute and Neuromancer, and the merging of an artificial intelligence in an artificial matrix construct. My visual chapters relate to the various steps in human fertilization.

.01 - The “Hunt” - Wintermute in pursuit
.02 - Capacation and Contact - first contact
.03 - Penetration - Breaking the barrier (recruiting armitage) “ice breaker” program
.04 - Cortical Reaction - Surface threshold
.05 - Activation - Merging triggered
.06 - Replication Identity - A new being emerges (super-consciousness)

Massive thank you to Michael Rigley for having me along as his apprentice and for being so generous with sharing his time and knowledge with us all. Enjoy!