Dash Dash

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A Topix Production

Christopher Thomas - Ben
Gary  Lundstrom - Franklyn
Jude Taylor  - Young Ben
Roxanne - Russell The Dog

Directors - Ash Thorp and Anthony Scott Burns
Writers - Ash Thorp and Anthony Scott Burns
Producer - Nick Bechard
First Assistant Director - Nick Bechard
Director of photography - The Joelsons
Editor - Anthony Scott Burns
VFX - Anthony Scott Burns
UI Animator - Andrew Hawryluk
Heli/Movi Camera Operator - Henning Sandström 
Remote Helicopter Unit pilot - Brad Meier
Movi/Remote Helicopter Unit - Freefly Systems
Assistant Camera / Set Stills Photographer - Rebecca Joelson
Production Assistant / Set Stills Photographer - Howard Gordon
Color Grading - Marc Morato Metropolitana
Score - Pilotpriest

Special Thanks:
Our amazing family and friends
Stacy Hatzinikolas
Monica Thorp
Tony Husted
Jeff Levaur
North Bend Motel